18 Aug 2017, 08:36

recently (soml)

08:36 Friday 18 August 2017 JST

  1. Ma is in town!
  2. We are going to Nagano today
  3. Still don’t feel completely resolved regarding Renee and Gunma

20:43 Saturday 19 August 2017 JST

  1. Lin, Ma, and I just got home from Nagano
  2. it’s raining harder than it does during the misnamed/mistimed “rainy season” of the past couple of years.
  3. I recently created https://tokyo.mypowercircle.org/ to be the MKP website for Tokyo / Japan.
  4. Takeshi has talked about starting a Japanese-language men’s group (on Saturdays)
  5. I need to sort out different languages for the site (currently compiled by Hugo)
  6. mypowercircle.org is currently only in English. I do not know what Japanese content I can add while testing, but I think Takeshi will be the first to write Japanese for the site.
  7. I will email him now.
  8. Have recently re-started messing with XCode and trying to get our apps to work in latest iOS garbage version
  9. Hugo keeps saying too many open files and the solutions here don’t help https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/168
  10. Yay I got it working with hugo server --watch=false
  11. We have one cat (Jennie) and no other animals nor kids
  12. We have lots of plants though. I basically just have Alex and his progeny
  13. One of Alex’s leaves seems to be taking root near the corner of the park at the top of the steps
  14. The new Odakyu Line in Noborito had rails but recently removed them again!!
  15. We talk to Ma about once a week
  16. We talk to dad less frequently; he always seems to be busy
  17. We may go see Lin’s dad this year
  18. I have the AB hard drive to try to get old data off the drive
  19. I am sure the data does not exist, but gosh if it does that would be great
  20. At this point, Marble Track 3 movie is in two parts, totaling like 1 minute 50 seconds https://new.robnugen.com/journal/2017/08/16/mt3-playlist-mt3-movie-so-far/
  21. The playlist in the link above may get more / longer videos.
  22. https://mt3.robnugen.com should show the latest video or news
  23. I plan to work on MT3 a bit tomorrow.
  24. Ma is leaving on Tuesday. It has been such a quick visit!
  25. I just emailed Takeshi and note that I am 25 messages behind inbox 0 (not counting 173 starred messages
  26. bah
  27. About to try first attempt at Japanese on mypowercircle site via https://gohugo.io/content-management/multilingual/