18 Aug 2017, 19:30

beads for sale

19:30 Friday 18 August 2017 JST

This is the first time I have worked with glass. Basically melted the end of a glass rod and tacked some colors onto it after the sensei wrapped it onto some sort of ceramic to which the glass apparently won’t adhere.

Lin took pictures during the process and then when I finished was like お疲れ様です。 and I was like まだまだ and asked the sensei if I could make another. She was like, “of course” and Lin was like “bye”.

For the second one, I asked if I could use two colors within one bead. She was like …. and I was like pleaseee and she agreed 頑張ります。 Yay!

When rolling it onto the ceramic stick, she did a few different layers, so it will look kinda like a candy cane. Yay!

Hmm I wonder if I should do one more with opaque glass and clear glass. Hmm I think I will. But she is only here tonight so I have to do it now.

20:52 Friday 18 August 2017 JST


After a woman made her own bead, she and her, um, friend watched me attempt my idea of clear glass surrounding blue glass with yellow stripes in between both.

Sensei fixed it after I gooped it all up, but I hope it works out nicely.

23:15 Friday 18 August 2017 JST

They are alright.