08 Jul 2017, 14:28

dear summer

14:28 Saturday 08 July 2017 JST

While preparing to post my question to /r/emacs, the power went off in our house. The circuit breaker flipped. Lin’s AC and my computer + monitors are apparently on the same circuit, which seems weird, but I guess it was not the neighborhood losing power.

Oh, so while my computer battery is still fine, I cannot post the post while the router has no power.

14:36 Saturday 08 July 2017 JST

Nevermind. It is the whole house. I am just going to leave it off to save energy.

16:35 Saturday 08 July 2017 JST

The breakerbox has three types of breakers. One type I have never seen before looks like a normal lightswitch, but also features two little buttons near it, red and white. After leaving the power off for a while the first time, Lin pushed the white button and flipped the breaker back on.

Just a moment ago, when she turned her AC on the breaker flipped again. Now (after not waiting as long), when she pushed the white button, the big breaker still won’t stay on.

She is calling the company from which we bought the house, who offer 2 years of support, like a maintenance contract.


Warranty covers different stuff like foundation shifts (earthquakes?)