01 Jul 2017, 19:46

Shungite strength test

19:46 Saturday 01 July 2017 JST

Wow. I had Lin hold her phone to her ear and hold out one arm. I pushed down on her arm and asked her to resist the push. I was able to apply 20 newtons before her arm sank.

Then I called her phone and did the same test. She was only able to withstand like 15 newtons.

Then I had her hold shungite next to her phone and did the same test. She was able to resist 20 newtons again.

She was like “wait wait wait do it again,” so with the phone still on, she put the shungite down and lost her arm strength again.

Put the shungite near the phone again and had her strength back.

I did not preface the experiment with any info. Just did it and she was like, woah, which was my same reaction which I had this morning doing the strength test with Renée.