26 Jun 2017, 06:51

theory about emotions

06:51 Monday 26 June 2017 JST

Back in high school I determed that emotions must be important.

Why do they stay available long after the cause is finished? Not like memories or scars which fade with time, but remain somehow somewhere, available until we experience them. I experienced this long after my granddad died and smelled something that reminded me of him. boom crying crying tears even though I only vaguely remembered the thing he gave me.

Like our bodies aparently refresh cells every 6 months or something to keep them viable… is there some mechanism by which emotions are kept viable?

Recently, I noticed another thing. They (who?) say that we end up marrying someone who was like our parents, possibly because we are attracted to the same wounds we had as kids. But why?

Maybe (and this is my theory) maybe we are driven toward people who emotionally wound us in the same way so that we are given more chances to heal the wounds.

If I need to deal with the sadness due to absent parents, I marry someone who is emotionally unavailable.. so I have a chance to deal with that sadness! Isn’t that convenient? It makes me think something like “emotions are self healing”, but it’s not that… “emotions drive us toward behavior that triggers the emotions”

more to come ?