05 Jun 2017, 18:03

State of My Life Address

18:03 Monday 05 June 2017 JST

  1. I met Caroline, who seems to be a soul I’ve met in previous lifetime(s)
  2. Two men might join Tokyo men’s circle, which would put us up to 5 (cause it seems 23 men have stopped coming)
  3. A woman is interested in joining Tokyo co-gender circle. That will put us up to 7 if all 6 people come next time.
  4. Tokyo Men’s Circle meetings are on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month.
  5. Tokyo Co-gender Circle meets on 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.
  6. I am the contact person for both
  7. We have had two (2) co-gender group meetings so far.
  8. The short term plan is to keep going and keep inviting new people into the circles
  9. Medium term goal is to find enough people interested in learning how to do facilitation that it makes sense for us to have a facilitation trainer come in and teach for a weekend.
  10. Long term goal is to have women leaders lead the co-gender circle as a women’s circle
  11. Vision is to reduce the number of suicides in Japan by giving people a safe place to talk about their feelings.
  12. I’m on the local train now headed home from CB
  13. We are planning to switch their servers over to new servers tomorrow. Hopefully it will go smoothly.
  14. I plan to do final testing tonight; I need to compare a buncha URIs on each server to make sure the content is exactly the same (JSON).
  15. Yay(?)
  16. Before the great server-swap, I plan to meet Caroline for a private session. I have kinda been thinking of questions but have not written them down yet.
  17. * How can I act more loving toward Lin?
  18. * Am I on track with current diet or should I be even more careful than recently?
  19. * What did you mean when you said I was healthy?
  20. * How can I align my heart with income?
  21. * how much time should I spend on Marble Track 3?
  22. * What else are you inspired to tell me?
  23. I am currently level 24 in Pokemon Go. I plan to get to Level 25 so I can zoom through a bunch of Evolutions while I have a Special Egg or whatever.
  24. I have not touched iOS apps with Tariq for a while; they are well overdue for updates.
  25. I have been working on Marble Track 3 each Tuesday, though I probably will not work on it tomorrow. I am making a choice to meet with Caroline and then do the server upgrade with CB, which will probably eat up all my time before I-group. Boo hoo to a degree, but I really think I should have had the upgrades done by now, had shit not gone awry.
  26. Oh, so anyway, MT3 so far has zero (0) photos taken for the stop animation portion. But I did buy a nice camera.. ohhhh that is what I can do. Between CB and Tokyo Men’s Circle tomorrow, I plan to go buy a tripod for the camera.
  27. I bought mypowercircle.org and authenticcircles.org about 10 days ago, but have not put anything on them. I will probably end up using tokyo.mypowercircle.org and let the other domain go bye-bye. Thanks to Paola for (correctly) suggesting that a real domain is better than a Facebook Group. More legit, more exandable, more reassuring, more work, more fun.
  28. I have been sort-kinda steady-state low-key studying Japanese, taking up to three (3) lessons per week. but during server upgrade madness, I had not been doing homework. I did a teeny bit of homework before recent lesson with Fumiko.
  29. 庭にワニは鶏を食べた。Why has no one offered me this variant? I just made it up after hearing some other kids practice the conventional version.