30 May 2017, 19:00


19:00 Tuesday 30 May 2017 JST

Been wonderfully busy with Marble Track 3. Bought a new camera which I plan to use for stop action photos, but before setting it up, I needed to make an extension to my desk so the camera would be far enough away to take photos properly.

I made three towers made of three sticks each, each stick made of two pairs of bamboo chopsticks, unsplit.

20:54 Tuesday 30 May 2017 JST

It took 1.7 hours to get through the process of uploading those images (mostly because I wanted to rename them based on the photo date). Now my computer is saying too many open files so Hugo cannot create the site. Bah.

I put CBs new FS server up a couple weeks ago, and today I finished creating their front and backend servers on Ubuntu 14. Still just staging for now so they can decide.

Weird thing: they are going to revamp the entire site and I’ll apparently no longer be working for them on June 14th. BUT I sorta kinda doubt they will actually be ready by then. Anyway, we will see.

I screwed together two shelves to make one shelf on which to put the pyramids on which to put another shelf, on which to put my camera on a gorilla grip tripod. It is all wobbly, but once I get the placement confirmed, I will tighten it up.