18 May 2017, 07:47

cannot login

07:47 Thursday 18 May 2017 JST

CB: Onece we logout,we can't login.
CB: it's a app things.

me: hmm.  I have not changed the iPhone app.. the only thing I
    changed recently was the image server.
me: I wonder what could cause it.

Steps to check:

  1. Look up my username and password
  2. thunderrabbit / ***********************************
  3. see if I can log in
  4. if not, log in to server
  5. watch the logs
  6. see if there is an error
  7. if not, (shrug smiley)
  8. if so, hope the error tells me something

08:01 Thursday 18 May 2017 JST

I was able to log in no problem.