26 Apr 2017, 22:59


22:59 Wednesday 26 April 2017 JST

Today’s first three lessons went really well by simply having a four part target per lesson: questions, text, test, game. Thanks, Yuji!

I did a gamification of the questions portion of the lessons. For question correctly answered within about five seconds, the student received a “prize” (single card from Stacker Crackers). The cards give them something to fiddle with while other students are answering questions, and hopefully inspires them to answer correctly.

For the 6-year-olds, I focused on three questions: “How are you?” “How old are you?” and “What’s your name?” all spoken at native speeds. They had about 85 to 90% accuracy on distinguishing the first two questions. 100% answering the third question, but I kept it in there due to its prevalence.

Today’s last two lessons went well, though I was tired. Focused on cadence and intonation for the last part of the first of those two classes.