14 Apr 2017, 10:02


10:02 Friday 14 April 2017 JST

Because it takes 5 hours to import the data in my reliable way, I will not recreate the machine from scratch in Tokyo region.

I’ll finish it up in California and then move it over to Tokyo.


  1. add cron jobs
  2. Make sure site works
  3. change the domains to correct domains
  4. make an AMI of the box
  5. copy it to Tokyo
  6. spin it up
  7. copy latest data changes over
  8. point DNS to new box
  9. activate SSL

Step One requires

  1. copy cron scripts from live server to local machine
  2. Create role to deploy them on vagrant box
  3. create playbook to run role
  4. copy them into vagrant box (role/templates)
  5. remove them from local machine
  6. ansible-vault encrypt them on vagrant box
  7. Create new mysql backup user
  8. Create new mysql log_deleter user
  9. Save changes that created users
  10. tell role to copy scripts to server
  11. have the role create the crontab
  12. run playbook
  13. test the script
  14. install s3put command
  15. create new s3 credentialed user on AWS Console
  16. Add credentials to new server
  17. fix GRANTS for mysql user
  18. test the script
  19. run the script for real
  20. see if it runs via cron

Step Three requires a few steps for me to feel comfortable with it

  1. change the domains to different test sub-domains
  2. ensure I can activate SSL on them
  3. run tests on the sites
  4. change the domains to correct domains

Step Seven requires telling Ansible to talk to servers in a different region, which I can probably do in realtime without testing (because I won’t have activated DNS on the box yet).