06 Apr 2017, 17:20


17:20 Thursday 06 April 2017 JST

work work work tired tired tired but fun talking about science-related topics. Before the lessons started at 2pm I was watching videos on Youtube and like snapped out of a reverie like oh-shit-what-timeisit? and thank goodness I still had ample time to make it to the lesson but dannnng that was spooky. I set an alarm on my phone to alert me 30 minutes beforehand.

20:28 Thursday 06 April 2017 JST

I’m on the train now in Shinjuku. I waited in line 15 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave and just barely got a seat.

There’s an interesting phenomenon for train queues during rush hour. If a train is already at the platform, and the second train will arrive before the first one leaves, passengers line up at each door of the second train at just about 110% capacity of the seats. Other passengers arrive, see there are enough people in line to ensure they will not get a seat, so go to the first train. Or queue up for the third train, on which they will (almost) certainly get a seat.

GG lesson was great tonight. We actually used the book to great effect. And Y was inspired to ask a question. I wonder if the book helped.


Wow I’m tired. Fallin asleep on train. bye!