23 Mar 2017, 15:33


15:33 Thursday 23 March 2017 JST

Bleary eyed wake up with Noisy at 5:30am.

Was genki and dancing around by 6am to wake up Lin.

cold cold walk to station and caught 6:?? train then in Kawasaki by 7:30 for my 7:50 lesson.

Online I-group after the lesson featured lots of disconnects by the free wifi provided by Wired Cafe. But free, for the price of lunch.

Bought a trackball mouse afterward. It works fine, though I do not have a name for it yet.

Had a snooze on the train to Akihabara, and am now here at conveni across the street from my lesson at 6:30pm.

Oh, on the way here I messaged a man who lives in Tokyo. He said he’d be interested in our local I-group. yay!