17 Mar 2017, 23:37

met Kai and Mika for St Patrick's Day

23:37 Saturday 17 March 2017 JST

(written 13:37 Saturday 18 March 2017 JST)

Last night I met Kai and Mika 久しぶり!We met near Mika’s work for dinner (I got lost on the way due to trusting Google maps which had been given incorrect input, and ended up taking a taxi (only 410 yen (wow!)) after realizing I had walked wayy off course) and then got ice cream whereupon they suggested I do something crazy.

In July, there will be an event where untrained people can conduct an orchestra!

My first reaction is holy shit no way because I have no idea what I’m doing everyone will laugh it will suck… wait a minute. where is all this fear coming from?

I trust Kai and Mika. They say it will be fun so by golly I am going to apply!