23 Jan 2017, 10:39

good luck at work

10:39 Monday 23 January 2017 JST

I need some luck today; I hope I can figure out Facebook’s Instant Articles. Specifically, figure out why they won’t reload articles that have been updated in the RSS feed (with an expiry date in the past), after I changed the GUID of the article, after I changed its canonical URL.

12:57 Monday 23 January 2017 JST

Okay, the main thing I determined:

FB won’t complain if we use a subdomain for the RSS feed, but it will silently ignore it if it hasn’t been approved.

Steps to fix

  1. Turn off authentication for the subdomain (optional)
  2. Get it authorized for use
  3. Turn authentication back on (optional)
  4. Use it as the Development RSS feed for Instant Articles

16:06 Monday 23 January 2017 JST

Okay so it looks like we just have to figure out how to replace all <br> tags with <p>&lt/p> tags. I’ll just run a little regex and whoops no that didn’t work, well how about.. oops no that won’t work, maybe if we just scream