08 Jan 2017, 09:38


09:38 Sunday 08 January 2017 JST

Going to SOGO today; I hope it’s not too cold!!

I think I’ll take shoes just in case.

14:33 Sunday 08 January 2017 JST

Just connected with Kai at Sun’s Out Guns Out in Yoyogi Park. I wore shoes on the way there but took the off when I arrived.

Kai is the first person I invited to join more than once.

Lin was like “nope!” after she went one time.

11:32 Tuesday 10 January 2017 JST

I’m still sore after SOGO. In Menya’s group, we worked on quads via squats and jumps. In Michael’s group, I got to “spar” with Michael (in slow motion!) as we practiced blocking punches and kicks. It was quite fun, and I really got to see Michael’s love for teaching that day.

But for now, both (the acts of) sitting down and standing up are painful.