25 Jan 2020, 15:56

State of My Life

(written 15:56 Saturday 25 January 2020 JST)

  1. Happy New Year 2020!
  2. This year my resolution is to lead 24+ workshops. At the current rate I am on track to do 36. 1/10th of the way through the year, but.
  3. Last night I made good progress solving issues on ConSwi, some issues of which I created and immediately fixed.
  4. I still have not solved the issue regarding ending the level if it cannot be won, but I have at least simplified it by splitting into a new issue the need to add a Swipe detection algorithm
  5. I miss getting to see Lin very much; she has been working a lot recently and our schedules have only slight overlap. We had a nice synchronicity getting on the same train on the way home on Thursday night. We texted each other on the way home and were just one car apart.
  6. I started a newsletter in which I plan to talk about the process of leading 24+ workshops this year. The next mailing will likely start with “…procrastination is an issue with managing our emotions, not our time.”
  7. My workshops may seem varied but they are all designed to inspire self awareness in the participants, and ultimately encourage people to stay in line with their purpose or mission in life.
  8. I was recently invited to speak at a workshop for women’s empowerment. Yesterday I talked with my friend and speaker coach Soness about preparing for the presentation, so I have homework to do before I speak with her again this coming Friday.
  9. This coming Saturday February 1st is my next workshop walkshop: Ice Barefoot Challenge and foot bath. I went to the foot bath spa a couple weeks ago to confirm we could go. We’ve got a reservation at 2:30pm. For now just me and Anuj. I hope more people join!
  10. Ah that reminds me I have slacked at inviting people to workshops, and I need to write up the different workshop offerings for my website. To that end, Michael from men’s circle has been looking for an accountability partner for me in this venture.
  11. I studied Japanese with a new teacher, まなみ先生。 She seemed really intrigued with Marble Track 3 which reminds me I need to get Marble Track 3 website looking cooler. I wonder about hiring the guy who quoted $4000 to make it awesome and maintainable. Using Airtable, but I am hesitant to use a 3rd party like that. Still not sold on the idea.
  12. Next coming Saturday February 8th Shinobu and I will do our first Your Art Matters event, where artists get to share their art in an intimate setting. We will offer feedback and/or encouragement, as each person desires. Adding accountability if people want to work on art during the month and show off their skills on the next Second Saturday of the month, March 7th.
  13. 2020 is a leap year!
  14. I made a bridge for Jennie to walk from our balcony to Lin’s room window. She has not used it yet, but hopefully in the Spring she will be willing to do so.

25 Jan 2020, 15:49

Great time at our first coffee + more event at Byron Bay Nihonbashi

We had a great time today at Byron Bay in Nihobashi! 3 people cancelled at the last minute, so we were 4 people all together.

We had a great time talking, drinking, snacking, and enjoyed beef pie and lemon bars!

I forgot to take pictures. D’oh! But I have the memories and look forward to future events, hopefully with Giselle, who started the whole English&Coffee + More group!

25 Jan 2020, 11:50

on the train

I’m on the train now headed to nihombashi to meet Yuna for our first coffee and chat event.

Giselle from SOGO asked if I wanted to do some event with her Coffee+English group on Meetup. (I posted two eye gazing events and got a few responses.)

Posting a coffee related event and got us four responses, at least twice as many!

Really proud of Yuna for stepping through her fear and proud of myself for mentoring her.

Today while meeting with Robert Golden, he reminded me I have a huge heart.

22 Jan 2020, 07:50

good morning

‘sabit chilly today walking barefoot to Solid Square from Kawasaki station. I did not really notice the cold while riding TJ Bike from home (once I got started).

Bag heavier than normal today because of aforementioned non-productivity and too many dang projects, plus our game in Godot, which I just remembered I am supposed to get something done by Friday.

And I brought a clock as a Christmas gift to JB; it listens to the radio signal and keeps “perfect” time. So curious that I am so fascinated with time.

I am at S in Solid Square, now 4 minutes into the lesson with no students yet. I’m glad because it makes the actual work time shorter (I still leave on time) and I get to write in my journal or whatever I like.

21 Jan 2020, 21:49

whats productivity got to do with it

Though I did my Big 3 today (write eye gazing description for Joanna, Livestream MT3 construction, and attend MKP circle), I didn’t do my morning routine so today felt off.

I didn’t get any of the other things done like AB or write an SOML or invite people to my next eye gazing workshop, or contact Lughn to get her Japanese write-up and confirm with her that we can do it in her place.

Beautifully, Joanna connected me with an organizer who has invited me to speak at their event!

And after the men’s circle, Michael invited me to write a list of the stuff I need to do, but have trouble doing. He’s going to see if he can match me with a business partner.

18 Jan 2020, 10:54

first snow in Tokyo in 2020

It’s not sticking to the ground, but it’s definitely snowing today in Tokyo. That reminds me:

Ice Barefoot Challenge

Are you ready for the ice bucket challenge of barefooting? Saturday February 1st our walk from Hikarie will have a new fantastic ending at a foot bath in Dogenzaka.

もみの気ハウス 渋谷道玄店坂
〒150-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2丁目28−3 道玄坂クラトスビル8階


I am planning to preview the foot bath this coming Tuesday, January 21st, in the afternoon.

We will meet in Hikarie and walk to the foot bath, with a route optimized for the temperature.. possibly inside all the way to 109.

17 Jan 2020, 14:50

things done today
  1. this reminds me I have not written an SOML this month
  2. Nice to talk to Fred now
  3. I got sidetracked playing Minecraft while I shoulda been working
  4. I got sidetracked with youtube while I shoulda been talking to Fred
  5. Now about to get sidetracked eating when I should write this list

I copied this from complice.co but none of them seem important:

  1. begin tracking down bug in ConSwi
  2. fill in daily pages
  3. find page from OT
  4. transcribe page inside OT notebook
  5. look at AB tickets
  6. meditate
  7. do one thing online (invite, write, post, host)
  8. eat only after 10am
  9. eat only until 6pm
  10. text a man
  11. write a journal entry
  12. draw at least one line or post something online

16 Jan 2020, 22:43

Akiko found foot bath places

I guess I could have done it nearly as easily, but Akiko found some foot bath places in Tokyo, including one right in 道玄坂. Super excited about planning the next barefoot walk!

15 Jan 2020, 13:47

back to work

Holidays finished; Ma and Madeleine left town; I gotta get back to workin’ mode.

Riding on the train now, I plan to teach at OT in Akihabara and then at JB in Kawasaki. Eriko asked me to meet her at 14:45 in Akihabara to walk to OT together.

13 Jan 2020, 22:22

Went to Japanese Folk House Museum with Ma and Madeleine

Great time walking with Ma and Madeleine through the 日本民家戦 today. Madeleine loves taking pictures; “I have to take pictures of all the flowers” she says. A lot of the staff asked about me being barefoot there. The sky was beautiful blue nice crisp day, so we got nice photos of the trees as well as houses.

2020 jan photo of video of origami 2020 jan photos of houses

We met a guide who spoke Spanish as well as English. He used “y” instead of “and” as he was speaking. Madeleine spoke to him in Spanish a bit. He apparently spent four years in Puerto Rico.

So cool to hear the reasons for the architecture above the fire pit. It allows smoke to pass vertically through, encourages heat to pass horizontally to other rooms, and prevents catastrophic damage by falling into the fire pit in case it catches fire.

Neat to see lots of New Year’s decorations in the houses, including lots of origami rats.

Oh, and they’ve closed a section of path for refurbishing; it was exactly where I took a picture before as I noticed roots visible due to soil erosion.

I am glad they are taking care of the place so thoughtfully.

We also got to do the indigo tie-dye workshop

2020 jan francois with ghost 2020 jan tie dyed

And went to the nearby museum!

2020 jan sitting on hands