15 Oct 2019, 07:26

breakfast at Roberts

We enjoyed breakfast out on the sunny balcony overlooking Hawaiian greenery.

2019 oct 15 francois ignoring view 1 2019 oct 15 francois ignoring view 2 2019 oct 15 francois ignoring breakfast

unauthorized pic b.robnugen.com/journal/2019/hawaii/2019_oct_15_babychan_photo.jpg

14 Oct 2019, 19:14

Probably arrived at Roberts

We have arrived at a house in Pahoa that we hope is Robert’s. He had to leave for a meeting just about 20 minutes before we arrived. I got a bit lost along the way.

The house is great, stocked with fruit, and other necessities, and has beautiful hardwood floors in the common area and the three bedrooms. Lin chose the master bedroom which has attached bathroom. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom.

14 Oct 2019, 09:00

Great hanging out with Fred

Thanks to Maggie for putting me and Fred up in a hotel near the airport. Free airport shuttle whisked me to the correct terminal and I went through security with my belt on (no worries)! I was surprised they didn’t notice, but I didn’t notice either until I was all they way through the hands-over-head X ray thing. Thanks, security theater!

14 Oct 2019, 07:21

Lin driving a Jeep!

(written 07:21 Tuesday 15 October 2019 HST)

Yesterday so great to see Lin again!

We ate at the cafe outside ITO car rental place, then rented a jeep.

No dents so far!

2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 03 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 04 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 05 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 06 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 07 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 08 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 09 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 10 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 11 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 12 2019 oct 14 dent free jeep 13

Lin’s been doing great driving on the right side of the road!

2019 oct 14 Lin driving the jeep

13 Oct 2019, 23:47

New IQ Test (parody)

Fred asked, “how big is your butt? I need to get you some new underwear. Something besides whitie tighties.”

“But I like whitie tighties.”

“Well then you’re stupid”


Let’s make a new IQ test with one question. “What kind of underwear do you prefer?”

13 Oct 2019, 23:43

NSFW funny voice mis-transcription

Maggie and Bill!

Thank you both so much for such brilliant hospitality!

We are in the hotel now, and it’s beautiful.

Love and light Rob and Fred

Maggie 10:49 PM (53 minutes ago)


We had so much fun hosting you.

I hope your flight is great and that the next leg of your trip is awesome with Lin.

Love you,

Rob 10:55 PM (48 minutes ago)

All good about the email! I will get it printed or just look on my phone.

It seems I left one of my chargers in the dining room but it’s very cheap; you guys can just have intercourse.

Ahem. I said you can have it, of course.

Funny voice mis transcription.

Fred told me to send it as is.


13 Oct 2019, 10:46

Hanging out with Jane, Colleen, Katie, Merry, Lizzie, and Francois

So great to hang out with Maggie and them! We are about to go to a park to ride scooters and hang out with Marty and KC.

12 Oct 2019, 19:45

panic pack

2019 oct 12 francois almond banana

I had all day today to chill and now Yikes Stripes I gotta pack!

Maggie is coming over soon to pick me up so we can hang out with Bill and kids.

2019 oct 12 cant eat this 2019 oct 12 cant pack this

22:42 Saturday 12 October 2019 CDT

Jane came down for a bit

11 Oct 2019, 19:41


(written 19:41 Saturday 12 October 2019 CDT)

Yesterday kT and Steve came out to take me out to dinner at a Japanese Mexican restaurant, which did not have any fusion that I noticed, but food from both Japan and Mexico. I had Mexican and they had Japanese.

2019 oct 11 francois kT eyes 2019 oct 11 steven kT francois rob 2019 oct 11 francois selfie

10 Oct 2019, 18:03

hanging out with Fricke

Jason is coming over soon. Yay!

23:03 Thursday 10 October 2019 CDT

Haha great time with Jason, hanging out at Five Guys free peanut place where they also sell burgers and give away a lot of bag fries with every tiny cup of fries sold.

2019 oct 10 francois jason

Great to hear how well he’s doing with his Urban Lumber business, Helmwood.