05 Dec 2019, 23:04

hung out with Rin to hear about her trip

Rin came to Jonathan’s to chat with me; we had not had a chance to catch up since our trips starting in October! She was able to hang out with her grandmother and chocolate covered coffee. Sounds like quite an experience!

We each have changed a lot since October; I am allowing more abundance into my life, and she is meeting lots of cool people who live here and beyond!

05 Dec 2019, 23:01

Great first lesson at BP

Today was the first of 12 lessons at BP. John, Yoko, Daisuke were there in the last session. This time there are 9 others.

Just enough time to create 4 teams of 3 at the end of the lesson; I had planned to do it but forgot about it until the end. It worked out perfectly though because it created some excitement and great energy for the students.

The team names are “42”, “Yes”, “Upper”, and “Booster”

I am really excited for how it’s turning out.

01 Dec 2019, 20:49

State of My Life Address
  1. I am very close to finishing the goals I set in August for this year: 1 website, 4 workshops, 4 sessions, better relationship with Lin.
  2. Lin and my relationship is definitely getting better, mostly because I have chilled out a lot about things that annoy me. Except for one: today I explained very clearly that her asking me to clean my room is ineffective. I am not going to clean it. the end. I did not add that I will clean it at my pace, but I do keep it clean at my own pace.
  3. Yesterday the eye gazing workshop was cancelled, but Lughn attended anyway. We sat together for some sessions, 3, 5, 8, and 8 minutes, respectively. She said it was great and many other superlatives. So happy to hear it! We will do at least one workshop at her place.
  4. Today I told peeps from SOGO that I try to attend SOGO at least twice a month.
  5. As of November, I have started doing online sessions twice a month with one of the men from my online men’s circle.
  6. As of 2 December 2019, I have gotten approval to work on AB again, and just given the last of my souvenirs from the US to my friends, finishing with Ami, as we sat in Jonathan’s near 目黒 station.
  7. Lin, Jennie, and I are all doing fine. Lin’s mom is fine, and set to retire in the middle of this month.
  8. Ma is coming to Tokyo with Madeleine at the end of December. Looking forward to the trip and wondering how it will be paid!
  9. I recently started drawing art again, with my latest two pieces being Magnetic Highway and Happy Worms.
  10. Marble Track 3 construction is still going strong. The total video is ruffly 15 minutes long at this point.
  11. Tonight Lin will be home late; I am writing this from the Jonathan’s where Ami and I met.
  12. I worked for 4 hours tonight at Jonathan’s a got a good bit done.
  13. I had a banging headache on Tuesday after using my computer for 4 hours at the restaurant on Monday.
  14. Just today (Wednesday 4 Dec 2019) I realized I can use Blender to model MT3 pieces in 3D. I have been wondering what software I can use for that. Now I wonder how plausible it will be for me to do it.
  15. Rin invited me to an event she is having in a couple of days. How does her event look so good to me while my (barefoot) event looks so unpopular?
  16. Tomorrow will be the first day I work at BP on Thursdays. 3 month contract to start. Today Eriko took me to breakfast to talk about plans for the lessons.
  17. Today at JB, Hide and I talked about possible subscription services. I wonder about selling my art online. I need to scan my recent pieces and put them on Zazzle or something. Or Zazzle, because that is what I have set up so far.
  18. Today I stayed at On The Marks hotel so I could have a private room for my convo with my client in the US. Having the room was okay, but probably overkill. I will just use a cafe next time.
  19. I walked barefoot outside today when it was 2 degrees C (according to my phone). It was survivable because it was not raining.
  20. I have paused playing with Urbit, and did not finish the 2nd week assignment of Hoon 101. It’s just too low priority for me, with too little upside.
  21. I have been using sigils about once a week after having created several some weeks ago. I have not lit any candles recently. Curious how my desire ebbs and flows.
  22. I have attended 4 weeks of Japanese lessons at the ward office. I just ignored an email I got from a Japanese language school (after I signed up for a free level check) because they have a 10,000 registration fee. I ain’t ready to invest that kinda money in Japanese, sadly enough.
  23. I am still using my 2013 MacBook Pro, and still thinking about getting a new computer, and still thinking about not getting a Mac anything.
  24. Considerations for new computer: must be able to run DragonFrame, Godot, hugo, VirtualBox, and connect to my wifi router + printer. If those work, anything else I care about should work fine.
  25. I have been getting myself off my computer by 10pm each night more often than not in the past week or so. Before that I more often was computering past 11pm.
  26. I am on my way to SCC (for private lessons with Azusa and Yasu) and then BP (for the renewal lesson with 12 students over 12 weeks). I think I have all the right things with me.
  27. Finally, for the record, I told Eriko this time is the last time I am willing to take lessons for 5000 yen per hour.
  28. Update; She agreed to 10,000 yen per hour! Yay!

01 Dec 2019, 20:08

Great day today

Today I woke up late, possibly because my covers were too warm.

I arrived late to SOGO, but apparently they started late so I only missed the beginning of the warmup.

During the core workout, I met Ting, from China, who helped me remember how to count in Mandarin.

During the pair workout, Valeriya taught me the first five numbers in Russian (here is what I remember)

  • ar *
  • triter
  • proky
  • ted

hmm that’s pretty bad. Internet says:

  • a’deen
  • dva
  • tri
  • chetyre
  • pyat’

source https://waytorussia.net/WhatIsRussia/Russian/Part1a.html

Anyway, good workout and good lunch at the Mexican place with Dominique and everyone. I sat next to Dmitri; we mostly talked to the peeps across from us, one of whom grew up in California after her Japanese family lived there during WWII. She is in the process of getting a long term stay visa, by virtue of her heritage.

Got home then took TJ Bike to the shop; his back tire was completely flat this morning! The guy at the shop gave me a new tube because I had just bought a new tube and tire from him a couple weeks ago.

Then I updated two of the pages for my recent art:

30 Nov 2019, 16:11

great eye gazing workshop

Today was my third eye gazing workshop. We ended up having to cancel it because everyone but Rin cancelled due to work or being sick. Lin and I went to Mikako’s to hang out with her and show my art (and give them a piece!)

Lughn showed up for the workshop unexpectedly so I did four eye gazing sessions with her. I offered her some of my art; she chose Debugging Notes and Silo! She said she would frame them and put them in her house. I signed them and we took pictures with each! So happy to have a happy home for them both.

28 Nov 2019, 17:21

last lesson in Akihabara

Today is the last lesson for me at GG in Akihabara. I will miss the class. I am grateful for Mayumi’s continued enjoyment of MT3.

28 Nov 2019, 17:17

Good lessons in SCC

Today Naoko worked on the English version of her liquid nitrogen science show. Cool to see the double-walled beaker that is topologically a sphere with a beaker shape, and vacuum inside to keep heat from entering readily.

Talked to Liliko and gave her a marble (she chose light blue) in honor of her hard work and opportunity to go to OZ in January.

Today I got to meet Takano, who asked for my support in helping one of the guides improve.

28 Nov 2019, 13:34

I should make a habit of drawing more often

I got kinda overwhelmed with all the scanning and archiving part which I imagine is part of why I put it all in the closet. The scanning and archiving will become a lot more useful when people know each page has its own permalink!

Just the little bit of drawing I did yesterday reminds me of how much I enjoy it, so I hereby consider encouraging myself to engage in the creation of hand-drawn art on a regular basis.

In other news, I set up a one-touch scan on my scanner which posts images on my server.

28 Nov 2019, 09:08

Found my old art

(written 09:08 Thursday 28 November 2019 JST)

I found my old art in a box in my closet. I knew it was there, but I had forgotten what size some of the pieces where. (many of them had become larger in my memory and were so small when I pulled them out of the box!)

Well, what is “old” exactly?

I found some pieces that are labeled with http://robnugen.com/art:

Inner Space Set, with 6 pieces. They are all 12cm by 13.6cm. (4.7 x 5.3 inches)

I am sure I have scanned them before, but if I cannot find the pictures quickly at https://art.robnugen.com/art, I will scan them again now.

Ah yes, Inner Space Set of Six - 11 March 2009 and they have a shortlink on art.robnugen.com https://art.robnugen.com/iss09

This is the first set I have pulled out of a box in my closet; I do not know what other URLs I will find that do not match the current convention of art.robnugen.com/art (where the second art is specific to the piece(s)). Therefore I am not yet ready to write their latest URL on the back. (10+ years after they were finished) At this point, I think I will write it only if their future new owner wants it written.

And I just realized a good way to validate editors on the wiki. If they send me a photo of the date and the image and their preferred username, I can create the username for them. I am thinking I should require minimum length passwords… I just want to make sure minimum garbage ends up on the wiki.

13:29 Thursday 28 November 2019 JST

I scanned the backs of Inner Space Set, and created a permalink for a piece I called Old School.

Mohammed asked me for an explantion of Inner Space Set, and I created the story about electron microscope at the top of the page.

27 Nov 2019, 13:51

yay Mika and InGallery.info

Yay wow wow yay omg nice!

I went to Mika’s to help with her website, and some internet stuff. Also to see their art gallery space InGallery.info. I am excited about the idea of hanging some of my art there! I will bring some pieces on Saturday for the eye gazing workshop.

As I write this, I am headed to Kawasaki station for lessons at JB. I have some time, so I will stop by the art supply area in Atre and buy some supplies so I can draw a couple pieces before the ~show~ event.

Mika had seen some of my pieces before, but when she saw the thumbnails at http://art.robnugen.com/art she was like oh wow there’s a lot! and wanted to see some of them up close again.