21 Aug 2021, 13:28

1416 Day 1: Yokohama to Home

2021 apr 15 francois on steps by yokohama bay

Day number one walking from Yokohama, to my house. Our house woke up early, they took the train to Rinko Park in Yokohama. I left my bicycle at home which meant I needed to roll the bag to the train station, so that I would not have to go by the train station.

The walk is 21 kilometers, and would actually be basically 5% of my walk across the island.

It felt super great to have support of everyone who showed up on the first day: Mark, Emma, Shraddhan, Lukas, Yuumi, Lin, Clare,

We did a walking meditation that morning, which gave people a chance to connect with the earth, and the present. And then we did a foot photo shoot at the water with my foot in the water on the Yokohama side of things,

Yuumi gave me gifts: chocolate and crackers. She had also done a similarly long hike, and had a guess as to what would support me.

and lots of hugs and then basically started walking. The beautiful thing is that my wife had driven the route, many, many times, and knew exactly how to get home from there. On this day, I didn’t have to use my phone as a map, and could just see if it has a camera, which I did on the way from Yokohama to our house. One of the first pictures, was that François sitting next to a cool statue. And my friend. Shraddhan helped take some photos there as well. I was glad that Shraddhan and Lin got along well,