25 Apr 2020, 20:55


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There are some moments in life that are so hard to (live in) and
navigate. Recently I have been through a fair share of those moments.

The stress and confusion that those moments cause me stops / has been
stopping me from taking action and from any attempts of problem
solving. It may sound like a cliche, but the reality is that it makes
me stuck.

Rob's patience and attentive listening creates a safe space for me
to open up and helped me to gain insight into the "tangled mess"
of my feelings.

Patiently guiding me through, peeling layer by layer, Rob helped me to
focus on myself and my feelings, and to create more clarity about how
the life stresses had affected me.

Rob created a safe and open space where I could talk through some
overwhelming feelings, which are difficult to talk about, or even to
think about, in a daily life.

I would recommend Rob to anyone who is willing to open up about their
struggles, and who is open to receive gentle support to untangle
emotional messes that are caused by living this thing called LIFE.

Create your own safe space to grow.