05 Dec 2020, 22:19

Meditation Reconnect with Speaking Freely

This is a meditation from one of my private sessions with a client. It helps recover the energy of being able to speak freely. It’s geared toward women as I use the word “her” a couple of times to refer to the inner child.

05 Dec 2020, 11:20

Meditation for Mindfully Cleaning Your Physical Space

This meditation loops to allow heart-centered cleaning your entire space.

Take a moment to get connected to your body. Feeling present in your physical space, noticing the things around you, their support of you.

Looking around in your physical space. Notice one item that speaks to you. Allow your eyes to alight on it gently and easily.

Feel free to move toward it or connect with this item. You may feel it with your hands, or simply notice it with your eyes. Feel what comes up for you. As you notice this item.

Notice memories that may come up. Notice how it feels for you now thinking of this item in your future.

Thank this item for having been in your life, placing it where it needs to go. Maybe back where it was, or to a new place.

Now sitting and breathing. Notice how you feel after having connected with this item.

And after having decided a new home for it. When you're ready, we'll move on to the next item.

Breathe fully into your body and allow your eyes to gently move around the space, until they alight on some item in the space around you. Notice this item with your eyes. Notice it with your heart. You may touch it physically, or just be present with it in a way that serves you.

Notice what memories come up as you connect with this item. Notice what feelings come up as you are present with it. Let your heart recognize the optimal future for this item with regard to your life. You may choose to release it. Place it in a new area, or leave it in its current place. Thanking the item for its service in your life. If you release the item blessing it on its future path.

If you choose to keep the item, thanking it for its blessing you on your path. Take a moment to re-center yourself after acknowledging this item.

Finding your authentic self. Breathing in your body, allowing yourself to look around the room again. Let your eyes, alight on another item in the room. Moving to that item, you may simply notice it with your eyes, or hold it, and connect with it physically. Notice how it feels seeing this item. Perhaps holding this item, recognizing your history, and how it has served you. Choosing now, how it can best serve you in the future. And where it's home will be going forward. You can choose if it will be part of your life. You can choose if it will be released to a new life of its own.

Make that choice now, feeling confident with your decision. re-centering yourself in your body. Breathing, noticing your breath. Once you feel centered allow your eyes to notice the next thing in your room,

Moving toward that item, notice the feelings that come up for you, as you see it and as you hold it. Maybe bringing your other senses. How does it smell? What's the texture? Really acknowledging this item and its role in your life.

Notice how it feels to see this item now. Noticing your opportunity to choose the future home for this item, whether it be a new life for this item to live on its own, or a shared experience with your own life, and this item continuing to be in your space. Noticing the feelings that come up, noticing the memories that come. Allow yourself to make a clear choice as to how to process this item and moving on with the process. Once you're complete, allow yourself to get re-centered. Breathing fully into your body,