24 Dec 2020, 15:37

Weekly Alignment - Releasing old energy

Tonight we celebrated our experiences from 2020 and released old energies that no longer serve us.

Breathe for a moment.

Taking nice deep breaths fully into your body.

Yeah. Breathing fully in, and just let it out.

Once more fully in, and out.

Allowing the shoulders to relax; [allow] any concerns for the day
to just drop away.

This is our last weekly alignment of 2020, and an opportunity to
reflect on the year and prepare ourselves mentally and
psychologically for the new year, 2021.

And in part of that process, I want to allow time to release any
ideas that no longer serve us; release any responsibilities that
no longer serve us.

So taking a moment to look in your mind, noticing your body,
noticing your daily life.

What are some things that no longer serve you, that you can
release as we finish this year?

You can take a moment to write them down or say them out loud,
just off the top of your head. What do you notice?

So, yeah, it was beautiful. And thanks for going deep on that.

Recognizing there may be more things to release, think about the
agreements that you've made with other people.

Are there any agreements that you have made, which no longer serve you?

And just allow this idea to come lightly in your mind, recognizing
there may be some old agreements that you made and they may no
longer serve you.

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for exploring that as well.

And now taking a moment to notice any ideas that you project onto
other people that they may be expecting of you.

Whether or not it was a formal agreement, there may be an idea
that people are expecting things of you.

So of these, are there any that you want to release?

So that was the list of what you believe others expect of you.

And there may be some overlap, but take a moment breathing for a
moment. What are some things that you expect of yourself that no
longer serve you?

Writing down the expectations you have of yourself that may no
longer serve you.

For these, there may be a renegotiation or some type of adjustment
to the agreement with yourself or the expectation of yourself.

As you are looking at the list of the ones that you have given to
yourself, remember what was the original reason that you created
this expectation of yourself?

And maybe that will help inform a way that it can be adjusted to
serve you better.

And you don't have to have a final decision right now, but this is
just noticing the things that have kind of collected in life.

This is a chance to look at the things, to get them out. And
during the next two week period is to churn them over and simply
listing them out now is not the final answer.

But if there are some that are clearly no longer serving you, this
would be a time to say "Okay. That one's done."

So, yeah, please do take that time during the next two weeks until
we meet again.

Inventory processes can take some time, so an invitation to give
yourself that time.

Take a moment to breathe again, getting present with your list,
present with your body. And we'll do a little litmus test, a
little emotional check for these items.

Starting with one that attracts your attention, imagine continuing
this topic or this agreement, this behavior in your life.

How does it feel as you imagine continuing? How does your body
feel as you imagine continuing this process?

And just recognize it lightly. We're not sinking too deep
now. Lightly noticing how it feels then releasing that feeling for
a moment.

Imagine letting go of this belief or this agreement.

How does it feel as you imagine letting go?

And again, very lightly: these are not hard and fast decisions
that we're making. Simply noticing how the body feels with the

And as you have time during the holiday era, as we're
transitioning to a new year, just looking at each of these things
with your feeling body.

Allow yourself to go through the list, engaging your feeling body.

Feeling the idea of continuing and feeling the idea of releasing.

Feeling the idea of adjusting these expectations, giving yourself
time to process each one.

Thank you for taking time to process with me, too.

10 Dec 2020, 23:30

Weekly Alignment - Who are we outside of time?

Tonight we had a chance to notice we still exist even without a past or future. How does a timeless being use its skills while living in time?

Sit back, relax, and discover your truth for yourself. :-)

Noticing your physical body, allow yourself to simply be in the
body, being with your breath.

Your physical body has a past in the physical dimension.  Your
body has had experiences and changes over time.

The body uses oxygen and burns food to give it energy. These are
all natural processes.  The body knows how to take care of itself.

So the body exists in time. And for this exercise, we will allow
ourselves to let go of the body, knowing it will be here when we
are finished, as the body has a future.

So, just thank your body for a moment and allow it to take care of
itself. We will be right back with the body.

Noticing what remains, you might notice mental thoughts and
ideas. These often have a time component based in memories and

So let's also allow these mental constructs to drop away, noticing
what remains as you release everything about your history,
everything about your future, just let it drop away.

Noticing something remains.  There is an awareness.

Mind may come back trying to get your attention. Just allow it to slip away.

Noticing what remains as we drop everything away: all the concepts
of identity, all the words. Just allow them to slip away.

Noticing what remains, releasing all concept of identity or memory.

Noticing in this moment: noticing what is here.  What is it that perceives?

Recognizing even as we release everything; allow everything to
drop away. Something remains.

Who or what is releasing?

Recognizing the part of you which remains, even as we drop away

Allow that part of you to re-inhabit the physical body. Maybe
connect with the notebook, just noticing what's here, capturing
this truth of who you are.

[allow time to write]

Again, allowing everything to drop away. Again, release your
physical body, thanking it for taking care of itself.

Again release any words. Releasing any identity.

Simply be here now.

Recognizing something cannot be released.

Recognizing no name, no form, no desire, no color.

It simply is.

Recognizing this IS-ness has no location, no time; it is always
here. Always now.

And so, as we begin to notice the body breathing, allow the
IS-ness to settle gently within the body, finding everything to be
working optimally, as you settle back into your body.

Beginning to remember this the history you have shared with the
body the experiences it's brought with you

Noticing this IS-ness is always here; always available for your
pure experience.

As you're ready, allow your fingers to begin to move. Remembering
this body has fingers has arms, legs.  Reconnecting with this
physical body. Recognizing the IS-ness remains unchanging, even as
the body changes and moves.

(Recall your super power from last time.)

Recognizing the part of you that remains, even after we release
the physical body [and] release the identity.

Notice this superpower as an innate quality, innate skill that has
come with this life you're experiencing.

Breathing into your ability and your skill which is one of many
skills but just thinking about the one for now for simplicity.

What are some ways that a timeless being can use this skill in an
environment of time?

Recognizing yourself at your essence, to be beyond time, how do
you use this skill within time? .. as you experience time?

This is a superpower offered as part of your package arriving into
this life experience.

This life experience is an opportunity for you to experience using
this power, almost as if it's one chance to use this power.

And yet as you exist beyond time you understand there are infinity

How do you use *this* chance *this* superpower while moving
through time *this* life?

Feel free to note down any inspirations that come.

Feel free to simply sit with your superpower outside of time,
knowing in your experience, you have unlimited time.

How do you serve yourself and others as you're experiencing time

03 Dec 2020, 17:59

Weekly Alignments - Discover Your Super Power

Starting with our Deepest Desire from last week, we explored our innate abilities (our super powers) and how they can be used to help heal ourselves:

This audio is taken from the live interactive recording:

Take a moment and get present in your space.  We'll do just a few
grounding piece, to reconnect with your purpose and inner

Settling into your seat. Just notice your breathing. Just take
some nice, deep breaths. Fully inflating your lungs and body just
let it out.

Breathing in again, fully inflating your lungs and your whole
body. Just let it out.

One more time. Imagine breathing all the way in to all parts of
your body.  Hold it, and...  just let it all back out.

Let your breathing come back to its own natural pace, dropping all
of the tension. All the thoughts and ideas from today.

Just allow them to shrug off your shoulders and drop down to the
ground, to be grounded by Mother Earth.

Recognizing within yourself, this desire to have protection. This
desire to have purpose. This desire to live fulfilled life -
is coming from within you.

A deep part of you is calling to remind you of your true self.

Recognizing that self is here, perhaps buried under fears and
ideas and thoughts about what must happen first. Just allow those
to drop away. Imagine settling in to your true self.

Settling into your inner strength, settling into your inner purpose.

Just notice what it's like having this energy, knowing it's
here...  not having to know when or how we'll use it.  Just
breathing into the truth of yourself, here.

Your full potential is present, allowing you to move into action if
and when necessary.

This is your innate superpower.

And like any superhero, you don't have to wield your power all the
time. It's simply there.

Simply there for your confident weilding as needed, whenever needed.

Take a moment, just jot down what that looks like.

What's it like to confidently wield your superpower when it's

Allow that vision to come to life on the paper. How does it feel
having this power at your disposal?

As you come to completion writing, thank your power for always
being here, just acknowledging it, reacquainting yourself with
this power.

Like a fish swimming, it's not something they think about so much.
It just happens naturally.

Who would like to share what came up?


Beautiful. I like the present tense version of all those as
well. It was great. Simple ways of living, that are empowered by
your superpower there.  Nice, thank you.


Having those actions are natural processes, part of your
superpower of being on purpose in your life. Thank you.

So, the next little bit is take a moment to anchor in your body
which means to make a mental note to yourself, what it feels like
having this power.

You've taken a moment to notice the power. Now just taking a
moment to remember the feeling, the sensation, maybe the voice or
posture of this power.  As it's always here, we may not always
notice what it's like, so just take a moment and notice what it's
like to have this power.  How does it feel in your body?

Once you've got it fully burned into your memory, we'll move on to
the next segment here, which is notice seen the things that
disrupt and occlude your awareness of your power. It's not
occluding your power, which is always there. But just your
awareness might get blocked or distracted from the fact that you
have this power.

More of a mental thing, maybe just as discussion, what are some of
the things that block you from recognizing your power? For me, for
example is worrying about what people will think about me.


We'll go down that road for a bit. Tonight, what are some of the
things that block your awareness of your power, and your
connection to purpose?

The next exercise is: allow allow our brain to spiral out of
control for a bit; we'll stay in control, but we're just going to
let, have some fun with this.

And writing, starting with the top layer. If I try to recall, like
"what will people think?" kind of idea.  You know,.. "what if they
don't respect what you're trying to do" or, you know, whichever
language fits for you best in that regard.

And "if there's not enough time" kind of as the top level, big
fear that I heard. And so these, take a moment to write that down:
the top level fear that's easy to recognize.

We're about to exaggerate it. Yes. Yeah, but for now just, like,
[use] "there's not enough time" [as the topmost fear], something
external to yourself, so "not enough time" and then the "people's
reaction" kind of thing.

And so, right above that line, "what might happen if..." And then
you've got that biggest fear, showing up. So you go one
level... if that happens, go one level deeper. If there's not
enough time what's going to happen? Write that down.  If people
don't respect you... what might happen?

I've never done this exercise in parallel. So if you get stuck
just speak up, but go down about five levels at least. Just let
your mind go crazy about what disaster might happen.


Yeah. We're just. Yeah, yeah, Yeah, like make it worse make it
worse all the way down.

In a way, have fun with it but these are real fears that your mind
is bringing up to you each day.

Go at least five levels, and if you're on a roll just keep it

[What if I get to something positive?]

That's actually fine is keep rolling through it, what might happen
if this positive thing happens?

Well yeah, the self talk also could be part of it, you know, "I
talk down to myself" and therefore, this might happen. Therefore,
this might happen...

Whatever it may be, this is really, we're allowing the brain to
just go crazy and get all this stuff out there, so we can see
clearly what's in here [points to head] as a background noise.


Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. Again, thank you for driving down into
that. Again, we're putting onto paper. This is what the background
noise may be as I'm going through the day. It was like "this is
what I'm up against? Oh no!" kind of thing.

So, dropping back down to visualization mode, reconnect with that
anchoring we did a while ago, where you know how it feels. You
feel your positive superpower. Ready for you at any moment.

Again, not every moment, just as it's needed. You use it
skillfully.  You use it wisely. Once you're fully connected again
with your superpower, that's always there and your awareness is
fully connected, take a look at that mind chatter that you wrote

How does your superpower serve you clearing through this mind
chatter? What are some ways you can wield your superpower,
skillfully, wisely, artfully, in the face this background mind


Yes, Thor is like, Yeah, he's not bothered. He's like yeah, it
doesn't matter. Perfect. Yeah. Thor as a perfect archetype for her
inner strength. Absolutely. Breathe into that.


Right. Yeah, exactly. There's the power you have
[to connect with others], what is business but connections with
people? And so that's a perfect power to build the connections
that the company has, and new ones that are needed in the
future. So yeah. Breathe into that, that is a natural skill that
you have, and it serves your role.


And so, this is live interactive like so it's kind of a freestyle
as serves the group. So, thank you for deep dive.

Find out more at https://www.robnugen.com/weekly-alignments/ to Attend Weekly Alignments Live.

03 Dec 2020, 10:19

Align with Stillness meditation

18 Nov 2020, 09:29

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Weekly Alignment Testimonials
It was really interesting. I was really able to pin point a moment
when I was hurt by my dad. It also explains why I have been
craving his validation for most of my life. My mind is kind of
blown right now.

2020 nov 05 testimonial after healing inner child

I watched it with my new friend. We started to cry during your
guided meditation.  It was a beautiful moment for us. Because of
your session, we could easily allow each other to be
vulnerable. We ended up hugging, crying and sharing how we can
support each other to integrate another version of ourselves - who
have all the deepest desires met - into our current lives.  Thank
you for unlocking another way to liberate myself, also introducing
a way to deeply connect with /understand people I care for.
- Miyako Ando

2020 nov 13 testimonial after find life purpose