03 Oct 2019, 17:26

How to prepare for a bigger than normal event

This simple technique really works and I have anecdotal scientific proof to prove it.

Step 1: make a list of things to do

The first thing to do is make a list of what you have to do, but START THE LIST LONG BEFORE the event!

Today I am headed to the airport for a little trip to see friends, learn some stuff, and hang out with Lin. I started writing my packing list about 2 weeks ago.

In prepping for this day, I started writing a TO DO list a few days ago.

Last night and this morning, I have smoothly prepped, packed, meditated, and even had enough extra time to chat with some of my peeps online.

How it works:

Barbara Oakley’s course Learning How to Learn talked about the pomodoro technique, which is based on the fact that our brains need some time to chill out between times of working hard.

Allowing a couple of weeks to make the list allows the brain to work at its prime, creating and finding connections between apparently disparate objects or experiences.

The idea of slowly compiling a list reminds me in ways of GTD, Getting Things Done, which suggests we have One Single List of things to do, and then we just smoothly and easily go through the list while not having to keep a lot of stuff in mind.

18 Sep 2019, 21:42

I can choose to do anything (and no one really cares)

So long as I do stuff within a normalized range, no one really cares what I do.

I can spend all day trying to figure out one bug, or ignore it. No one will know the difference. I could even quit my job, and just a few people will notice. (some people very much so, but 99+% will not)

Re-reading the above sounds like I am suicidal, but I am not. My point is quite exactly the opposite.

I can wear shoes or not, and no one cares. But I care. I love being barefoot 99% of the time, and am working toward doing it more.

I can work on Marble Track 3 or not; no one cares. But I care! I love the project; I love talking about it, I love its steady progress building up to something over time. I love the ridiculousness of it; I love people’s incredulous reactions when I say 1 second of video took 2 hours to make (and it’s going to be a lot higher, tbh.. 2 hours per second is just for a silent video!)

I can stop doing workshops and no one cares.. But I care! I did the eye gazing workshop and it was great!

For some reason I have had (and still have) this fear that I cannot do anything different from what I have been doing before, but this is simply not true! How untrue is it?

Just this past weekend I did stand a few minutes of up comedy for the first time (with no prior practice nor planning) and it was fine; it was easier than I expected. I could do that, (or not, and no one cares,) but I don’t want to do that.

I want to put together a Silent Football game, though Rin has recommended I focus on my Barefoot Rob brand first, but I don’t wanna! What should I do? ergg this is so confusing.

Instead of being frustrated, can I instead see the steading progress forward like on Marble Track 3?

This is an age-old question, and the answer seems to be it does not really matter; just do what I want to do!

07 Sep 2019, 17:26

Helping people see past lives?

Past Lives Glasgow,KY Michael Vines Flickr files

I put a question mark on the title because I cannot really prove the visions are related to past lives, but this is a fun way to guide people through a process to see what could be their past lives.

Each participant gets into a relaxed position, usually either
sitting in a chair, or laying down, or otherwise sitting against
something comfortable.

Spend a few minutes leading the participants through a relaxation
process, whereby they let their bodies relax and keep their minds
awake.  Once they are in this mind awake / body asleep mode,
invite them to imagine getting up and leaving the room.  Guide
them to imagine traveling far away, whether by vehicle, or through
a cave, or through a forest, or by any other means which takes
them from the familiar, to the unfamiliar, and guide them to
arrive somewhere new, yet familiar.

Give the participants a chance to explore the familiar area,
including seeing other inhabitants of the area and moving around
and communicating with them.

Once they have explored the area, lead the participants gently
back the way they came, allowing them to have a clear memory of
what happened and what they heard and saw. (say things like
"coming back slowly, you clearly remember what you experienced,"
etc) Once their awareness focuses back on their physical bodies,
give them a chance to write down what they experienced.  Do not
speak until everyone is pretty much done writing.

The whole process is a state of light hypnosis, and everyone will
still have full control and awareness of where their physical body
is.  They will be able to come back in a moment's notice if they

Each process will take about 20 or 30 minutes.

29 Aug 2019, 13:21

Affirmations 101

Growing up, we are taught various things in order to guide us toward being a fully functioning adult. Some of the messages we got as children do not serve us as adults (and some didn’t serve us a children!) so affirmations are an easy way to help retrain our brain to have positive messages rolling through.

I had heard of affirmations many times before, but my coaching sessions with Rin really helped me see the value of affirmations. Rin helped me uncover some of the messages that were unconsciously reverberating in my mind, and helped me write messages that would serve me instead of keep me stagnant.

Some of them were basic, and would probably serve most people.

"I love myself"
"I accept myself"

Some others were more specific to me and my situation.

"I smile freely"
"I love expressing myself"
"People are interested in what I have to say"
"It’s safe to express who I am"

Some came from intuition and memory.

"My heart is connected to my abundance"
"I have plenty of work I love"
"I trust the world"
"I trust my guidance"

I have affirmations listed in my daily R.O.B.O.T. pages, and just recently moved one to the top:

"I smile freely"

and added a ringer

"God dwells in me as me."

25 Aug 2019, 19:23

The Law of Attraction is real

draft: true

The Law of Attraction is real, but maybe not in the way you’ve heard portrayed. “Think of something and it comes to you” brings to mind people thinking of a new fancy car, but still not see it in their driveway so assume LoA is a LoAd of Hooey.

But let’s go to a more subtle level. In the same way that my focus matters, I tend to bring experiences to myself based on my intention or attention. Focusing on the good parts of my day allows me to see more good parts to my day, and keeps me in a happier state of mind.

07 Aug 2019, 07:59

How to have lucid dreams

Have you ever found yourself flying like a bird, only to later realize it was a dream?

Have you been chased by “bad guys” or haunted by scary situations in your dreams?

“Lucid dreaming” is a state of dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming allows me to have more fun flying dreams and fewer scary dreams. This is how I got started:

There are a few techniques I have used at different times of my life.

  1. Start a dream journal. Prepare a notebook and pen, and leave it next to you when you go to sleep. Immediately upon waking, write down anything that you can recall. A sketch, a sentence, even a single drawn line or single word can help. This process of writing or drawing helps connect your waking conscious mind with your dreaming mind.

Do this consistently over some weeks or months and you will soon have more to write than you possibly have time for upon waking.

  1. Check to see if you are dreaming. There are several different ways to do so. Do one or more of these tests throughout the day, like every hour or so. Eventually you will do a test while dreaming and find yourself lucid dreaming!

Test 1: Read this sentence. Read it again. Close your eyes for a few seconds. Open your eyes and read it again. Did it change? No? Then you are probably not dreaming.

Did the sentence change? Then you are dreaming. Congratulations!

Test two: Stand up. Look up toward a point way up above you and jump to it. Did you come back down? Then you are probably not dreaming.

Did you stay in the air or fly to that point? You are dreaming!

Test three: Count your fingers. Count them again. Do you have the normal number? Can you do it easily? You are probably not dreaming.

Do you have extra fingers than normal? Fewer fingers than normal? Congratulations, you are dreaming! (Or you may have just had an accident. Call emergency services!)

One other technique I have read is to fall asleep with the intention of being aware in your dreams. I personally have not had success with this technique, but it may work for you.

Do you keep a dream journal? Do you have any other techniques to share? Email me at rob α𝐭 robnugen.com to let me know!

05 Aug 2019, 09:33

Eye Gazing Workshop - 17 August 2019

In two weeks I will be leading an Eye Gazing Workshop near Shibuya station.

To help plan my first workshop, Rin asked me to choose something that made me really excited.

I told her I would have to think about it, and a couple days later it suddenly came to me as the perfect workshop.

After determining what I wanted the final outcome to be, the workshop plan went through a few iterations, with support from Georgie, Mark Wild, Soness, Kevin Turner, and others.

Georgie has been doing eye gazing workshops for years in Australia.

They say our eyes are the window to the soul.  This workshop will give
us a chance to look more deeply into ourselves and more deeply into
those around us.

The process is simple, and the results can be profound.  You may
discover parts about yourself that you didn't know where there.

In this workshop, we will be looking into the eyes of people that we
may never have met before.  We will have a chance to sit with multiple
participants, with a small break in between each person.

It's important to have an intention before each eye gazing practice,
so be sure to have some possible intentions in mind.  Some examples
might be

“I intend to get to know myself better”
“I intend to connect with my intuition”
“I intend to practice acceptance of others”
“I intend to practice acceptance of myself”

Let’s enjoy learning about ourselves and each other.

Location: between Shibuya and Shinsen stations on Dogenzaka

Email me at rob α𝐭 robnugen.com to RSVP and get the address.

Saturday 17 August 2019

Workshop success!

One woman said “now I know who I am.”

KF said:


A unique workshop in which two people form a pair, keep an eye on
the paired opponents, and share the results of the observation
among the participants, have a lot of awareness and learning, and
improve the status of their day. It was a valuable opportunity to
know and maintain my mind.   (translation by Google)

18 Jul 2019, 13:28

Self care must come first (usually)

In relationships where everyone is equally able to take care of themselves, you need to take care of yourself first. In general, you are the only person who truly knows what you need, and everyone else is too busy taking care of themselves to take care of you.

(And to be clear, I am speaking to you, dear reader, not just the generalized “you” which really means “I”.)

Today I learned the value of taking care of myself as related to my (online) men’s group. Because I had not done my meditation nor my other morning things, I was not prepared to be in the circle.

In the end, I learned I need to put my own needs above my perceived “needs” of the circle.

One man even mentioned that one of the indicators of burnout is the belief that “I am the only one who can do it.”

If you hear that in your life, is it time to evaluate the roles you have taken in life?

10 Jul 2019, 11:50

See more by walking slowly

When out and about, I like to allow plenty of time between clients so I can be relaxed while in transit. Today I took it a step (ha) further by walking quite slowly.

After slowing myself down physically, I noticed a sense of peace come over me. An awareness of joyful awareness like a tautology of being happy because you’re happy.

Time lost its meaning as I simply walked step by step, aware of the surroundings like being there for the first time. I was practically on vacation on my way to work.

There’s so much to see! Each leaf on each tree has a story. Each brick on each wall is unique if you look closely enough.

Walking down a walkway I have been many (!) times before, I noticed something new that I hadn’t seen before.

Each shop has its own design (and they clash like wow)!

2019 july azalea shop designs 3 2019 july azalea shop designs 2

What happens for you when you walk slowly and breathe?

08 Jul 2019, 12:49

my focus matters

Where I place the focus my attention makes a difference in how I experienced my life.

Have you seen the basketball video? If not, have a look:

If I’m in a bad mood I tend to see things that are likewise bad. If I’m in a good mood I tend to see things that are likewise good.

This causes a natural feedback loop that tends to amplify itself.

So if I’m in a bad mood, how do I get myself out of it? The best way that I know of this is simply say (or otherwise recognize) “this too shall pass.”

If I’m being squished on the train and can’t breathe very well, I think “wow this is my chance to have this experience! It won’t last forever, and it won’t happen exactly like this ever again.”

If my bare toes get scuffed or squished or bleed due to stubbing a concrete curb, I think goodness I get to go around barefoot most the time. Most curious of all(*), I thank goodness for the chance to wear shoes so I don’t have to worry about my feet being injured.

(* As a positive preventative measure, I thank goodness that my feet rarely get injured and therefore I go barefoot most of the time anyway.)

In short, I can choose how I focus on something no matter what the situation. If, hypothetically, I were to be yelled at by an immigration officer for overstaying my visa, I would again focus on the temporal nature of the moment, and bless the man for doing his job in the best way he knows how.

Choosing to focus on the positive aspects of things allows me to experience more of the positive aspects, and therefore have more positive experience overall.