18 Jul 2021, 19:57

Weekly Alignment - Accessing our Outer Warrior

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Often times when we think about the warrior archetype, there’s a sense of it being connected to war and fighting. A soldier might be a quintessential visual example of a warrior.

But today we’re going to talk about the concept of a warrior as someone who gets things done. Who works toward the vision of the goal, and makes sure the steps happen to create that reality.

In what ways or parts of your life do you have warrior energy?

Today, we’re going to help support the warrior. By focusing on systems, as opposed to simply goals.

A goal is a target, and the system is the way that we get there.

So, having a system allows the warrior energy to repeatedly do a process that systematically and automatically moves us toward the goal.

As an example, the goal for a gymnast might be to win a competition. The system is to practice every day.

Another example is a goal of making money for a business. The system is to track inventory, make purchases, sell products.

Having the focus of a system allows the daily activity to create motion toward the goal, even if it’s not visible on a day to day basis. In total, the motion is there, simply by having a system in place.

In David Allen’s Getting Things Done system, the goal is to get things done, and the system is to have an inbox that we put tasks in, and access every day.

What are some goals that you have and what are the systems you have in place to bring them into reality?

One effective way to achieve your goal is to focus now on who you want to be.

What is the daily life of a person who has achieved your goal?

What are the ways you can do to act in the same manner?

Building up these daily habits moves you automatically toward your goal to daily habits become your system.

In groups, share a goal that you have and brainstorm simple daily steps that can help lead systematically toward the goal.

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