05 Jun 2021, 17:43

Walking Meditation Welcome Rainy Season 2021

Max, Yuma, Hiro, Yuna, Emico in Yoyogi Park

2021 jun 05 max yuma hiro rob emico 2021 jun 05 max yuma hiro rob yuna

Max, Yuma, Hiro, Yuna, and Emico all joined me for the walk around the park and we ended at 13:15 because we had to go around the outer loop.

We walked quite slowly and stopped a couple of times to check how people were doing and what people noticed so I think it was a good balance of walking and checking.

Somehow I think there could be some more introduction or more explanation but it also just didn’t really come up so I didn’t worry about it.

I just went over a general safety piece and had people to take care of themselves so it should be all good.

We got some pictures at the end and then Toko and Nithilim joined us and walked with us toward Shibuya and we went to the new Miyashita Park area for some food on the top floor of the place.

Chilling inside everyone had a good time and Emico was able to tell everyone about her workshop and then I put on my contacts and walked over to Shibuya crossing and by the time I was getting set up everyone had walked over there so I was really happy to see them.