05 Jun 2021, 14:19

[Free] Eye Gazing near Shibuya Crossing

just another day in Shibuya

Great day offering eye gazing in Shibuya today.

The big takeaway was that I didn’t have to prepare too much or go out of my way to be stressed about preparation. I just had fun with preparation and did what made sense and did just the right amount so I had everything I needed and didn’t have too much I mean it was very close to exactly what I needed during the thing and I’m really glad about that.

I had eye gazing with all of my friends who were there and then I lost count for a while but I ultimately came up with 11 people who stopped to do eye casing with me while I was standing there.

There were probably about 11 other people who made eye contact in passing but I didn’t count those people because they didn’t stop and settle into the moment of eye contact with me.

At the end I met a man named Christian (sp) who told me he does healing with his family in terms of prayer so he did a prayer for me in Jesus’s name and I thanked him and we talked about religion a little bit. I told him clearly that I recognize each religion has some truth but no religion is the truth. He kept listening so I went on to give the example of satanism as a path toward God via self-service.

We also talked about how the current Corona and covid situation has got people all hyped up and scared and fearful, which is definitely not useful in terms of what I believe. He said basically the bible says “have no fear” and “trust in God” which is exactly opposite of what most people are apparently doing.