25 Feb 2021, 18:21

Weekly Alignment - Looking into Mirrors

light reflecting in three emoji shaped mirrors

Thank you for exploring this topic. And feeling the energy and recognizing this very deep seated desire for peace of mind.

Breathe into this concept of peace of mind, which may feel like just an idea or some kind of faraway state.

Just allow it to be anywhere it is. No need to change.

Simply being in the moment, recognizing the reflections we see in the world, are reflections from inside of us.

So, step stepping into this peace of mind can allow our reactions to the world to also have peace.

Simply notice the reaction. Notice what it’s trying to gain.

And recognize it’s also seeking this peace of mind.

Notice how both our desires and reactions may be pointing toward peace of mind.

Feeling the peace in your body, allow your mind to relax and sink down into your body.

Fully experiencing the body and its peace.

As your body sinks into the peace, allow it to become peace of mind.

Notice here noticing your breaths, we’ll begin to come back into our shared space.

Allowing the peace in your body to bring peace of mind.

Remembering you can access this anytime you like

Expressing gratitude for your body. Gratitude for your breath and gratitude for the peace. Allow yourself to come back into our shared space.

My pleasure thank you.

(image credit https://bitchcr4ft.tumblr.com/post/146662807148/bitchcr4fttt)