18 Feb 2021, 11:51

Weekly Alignment - Handling self doubts and what-ifs

Statue having doubts about itself

Today we explored a new way to acknowledge doubts that come up. This process gets to the bottom of the purpose of doubt in your life and how to move forward without doubts.

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As we get started, let's take a moment to get present in this space.

Simply noticing your breathing, noticing your body.

Recognizing your body takes care of itself.

You can just enjoy living in the body in this moment.

Enjoy experiencing this moment without concern for the future or
past. Just be here now.

Noticing any feelings or emotion in your body, simply allow them to

Notice the sense of calm and peace in the background, allowing that to
fill your experience, this ever present present moment.

Not waiting for the next; simply here, allowing the moment of now to
open up.

as we begin to come to a shared space, allow this feeling of calm to
continue the silence to continue even as you're listening even as
you're speaking,

still being in the silence.

At your own pace, allow yourself to come back into our shared space.


(Welcome new members and ground rules for live workshop)

Last week, our topic was letting go. And we allowed things to come in
as we let go of energies that no longer serve us. And for those who
We're here last week. I wonder how that was for you during the week?
And if you'd like to speak about that you're welcome. Did you allow
anything to go or notice anything coming in that serves you better?

settling down into today, I forgot to mention, if you have a notebook,
pen and paper notebook or something handy, then that will be
good. We'll have an option to make lists or make notes for
yourself. And the first bit is about the doubts and fears or the what
ifs that that habitually come up for you. So, just an invitation to
brainstorm doubts and fears that frequently come up for you. You don't
have to share these with the group. They're simply for your personal

Looking over this list, notice the ways you react when the doubts come up.

How does the energy of the doubts affect your movements in your life or in the moment?

Take a moment and to write some of those down as well.

For me, some examples are like overthinking, or procrastinating. over eating...

How do you react when the doubts come up for you?

In my imagination, this second list might be easier to share. If you
want to share any of your reactions to doubts, feel free, or your
doubts themselves. You're welcome.

Nice. Thank you. Thank you all for sharing how your, your body or your
mind reacts to the doubts that come up. I want to use this reaction as
a key, or as a reminder for something that I'll describe in our
meditation process.

Take a moment to get re connected to your body, you may close your
eyes, if that serves you or keep them open. Simply noticing your body
in this moment of relaxation and relative stillness.

And think about or feel the sensations in your body that come up when
there are doubts in your mind. Just imagine having doubts about
something. Or if you have current doubts about something, just
slightly activate those in your mind. And notice your body's
response, or notice your mind's response.

Getting fully into this reaction to the doubts.

It's like an automatic habit that you have had for a long time. This
bodily response, this mental response.  Feeling it, feeling the
response, we're going to add one more habit, as a reminder: to come
back to the present moment.

To breathe, simply notice what's happening in your physical
body. Whether it's noticing the reaction, or noticing the reaction
drop away as soon as it is seen...

Allow the reaction to be a reminder to come back to the present

Noticing your body, noticing the reaction as it drops away,
allowing it to bring you to the present moment.

So we're going to practice, two more times, same process. Allow some
doubt to come into your body, into your mind. Notice your doubt coming
up. Notice your body's reaction to it, whether you're getting tense or
frozen. Or overthinking. feeling fear, feeling sadness.

Feel it, feel it. And then "ah!" remember. Bringing it back to the
present moment. Then breathe

nice full belly breaths

overlaying this present moment automatically as those sensations come
up in your body,

allowing the sensations of the fear to relax.

Allow them to drift away,
as you are here, mindfully in the present moment,
calmly back in the truth of who you are.

Now, for this third time, we're going to do the same process and then
do a little interview with that part that's causing the reaction.

I'll ask the questions for that part, and then just allow you to write
the answers that come.

So going back into the state of doubt, feel the doubt your body in
your mind not knowing what to do. Wondering if you deserve good
treatment, wondering if you can say it.

Feel that doubt, feel your body's reaction. Feel it, feel it. And then
remember and breathe again.

And in your mind allow this reaction to
have a seat next to you. And we're going to interview this part just
allow the answers to come naturally.

Welcoming that part, that reaction into the chair next to you.

First question, what role do you serve in my life? What's your
intention for me?

Write the answers that come up on this question. What role do you
play? What's your intention for me?

Now, for the second question How long have you been doing this for me?
How long have you been in my life?

Now the third question.

When you are here, how may I address you? What name May I call you?

Take a moment to thank by name. Thank this part for its service. And
we'll move on to the next question.

Next question. What happens to me? If I don't listen to you?

What happens to me if I don't listen to you?

Thanking the part by name again, we'll move to the next question. What
happens to me if I do listen to you?

What happens to me if I do listen to you?

Thanking the part or the answer move to the next question Would you
like a different role in my life?

Would you prefer a different role in my life?

Thanking the part, I have a follow up question would you like to
retire from my life? and have your own life?

Would you like to retire? and have your own life?

Thanking the part to move on to the next question. What's the best way
for us to move forward?

What's the best way for us to move forward?

Thanking the part by name move to the last question. Is there anything
else you would like me to know?

What else would you like me to know?

Thanking the part again. Allow yourself to either reconnect if you
have a new job together or allow the part to move on to their new

Re-settle yourself in your body,

thanking the part by name

Settling smoothly into potential new roles.

And as you're ready, allow yourself to come back into our shared space.

And I'm curious what you learned about this part of you that has given
you the reaction to doubts comes up.. Did you learn something about
yourself or learn about its role? What came up for you? You don't have
to share if you don't want to.

This process can be used multiple times. Thank you for exploring this
under a new way to see the doubts and reactions to them in life.