31 Jan 2021, 18:29

On the importance of living in joy

No matter which side of any debate you are on, I want you to find your answers from within your Self, streaming in from your personal connection to God instead of from the chaos of (social) media.

Stop reading this email and just chill for a moment.

How long did you chill? Five minutes? One minute? One second?

Every second, 8+ hours worth of content is uploaded to Youtube. Trying to keep up with everything is literally impossible for a human. Let God filter through all the details of life and guide you in the best way.

You may ask, “how does God guide me?”

“Through your feelings,” I reply.

Follow your sense of joy; follow your sense of excitement. These are how you feel as you are following your calling, your optimal path.

Following this optimal path, led by following your joys, you take on bigger and bigger projects, more closely aligned with who you are.

When stepping up to projects closer to your heart, you may notice fear in the mix. This is due to your desire that the project comes out the way you hope. Fair enough. Move toward your excitement, stepping through that fear. It will likely turn out a lot better than you expected.

Living life with a sense of joy increases your level of happiness coming from within, allowing you to nourish yourself as times get tough and to be a symbol and model of joy for those around you. Partners, children, co-workers, employees, bosses, friends all love to be around you for the energy you bring with you.

Some of my greatest joys are walking barefoot and climbing trees. These help me stay connected to my physical body and connected to the natural world.

Another of my greatest joys is listening, whether it’s to let you get something off your chest, or to help guide you through the labyrinth of messages in your mind and emotions in your body.