21 Jan 2021, 23:49

Weekly Alignment - Recognize Your Magnificence

Last week, using questions like “what parts of me are enough?” we discovered myriad ways even our minds can understand we are enough.

This week, looking from a spiritual perspective, our enough-ness is a given.

"Of course you are enough.  I made you."
- God
Recognizing you are enough is sometimes a trick to the ego,
thinking "oh you didn't do this right, you didn't do that right,
you've got to do this or that," and yet on the spiritual plane
it's like a given that everything is perfect.

You are enough to such a point that that's not even something that
God talks about.

It's like "what are you talking about of course you're enough; I
made you." kind of kind of level.

So there's like a conflict between the ego trying to prove itself
and to keep its job versus the spiritual being living in a world
full of egos that are all trying to keep their prospective jobs.

How do we continue to recognize this truth of being enough despite
the ego saying we're not enough, tv saying we're not enough,
competition inadvertent or not, when different people have cooler
houses or you know longer you know selfie sticks so it's like all
these different competitions kind of happen and that is in a way,
that's the downfall of our belief or not even belief but downfall
of realizing that we are enough.

How does this conflict play out in your life? or What are some
ways that you notice the conflict? or How do you handle it?  What
do you notice about this happening in your life?

I may have mentioned it before, that people love to see
vulnerability and hate to be vulnerable.  This is coming from uh
uh what's her name? I have the book right here She did it. Brene
Brown.  This _Daring Greatly_ book I think it's from this book
that she mentioned that maybe her other book that

You are compassionate for those people on the the podcast that are
experiencing whatever troubles in their life and sharing that with
the the podcast per who is what's the name of the podcast over
over and on with it so they're they're sharing their situation
with christine and in 45 minutes like really putting themselves
out into the into the open and seeing that benefit that it's
similar to something that you've experienced and just reminds me
that having the courage to be vulnerable helps other people maybe
more than we understand so yeah that's something that I want to
remind myself to be vulnerable to give permission and to model
being vulnerable to uh the public or I don't know what it may look
like in any different any certain situation but

I'm asking the question to get a sense of how to lead a meditation
type process for today.

As always having your pen handy pen and paper handy to write down
any insights.  Great.  and starting with last week's recognition
that you are enough in many different ways remembering in what
ways am I enough what are some ways I am enough recalling those
answers you may want to write down any new answers if they come
now and while you're feeling the enoughness as given from the
universe and the higher highest connection to to god or spirit as
you know it stay within that feeling of enoughness and maybe just
remember a little bit of the messages that you may have heard in
the past allow them to be very faint just so you can remember what
they were while you remain in this clear awareness of enough just
as you are simply be in this awareness of I am noticing the very
faint old messages that try to say otherwise you should or you
didn't or whatever they may be trying to say remain grounded and
fully immersed I am energy of enoughness notice your breathing
breathing smoothly flowing with energy of enough being here in
your full spiritual glory within this human experience fully
recognizing you are enough breathing into your chest notice the
glow of enough and perfection emanating from your heart like a
golden light that blesses everything around you those old voices
becoming a distant memory as the heart grows and smiles..  fills
the room around you with its love and its knowledge you are a gift
from heaven in this body on earth continuing to breathe fully into
your heart allow the energy of your heart to spread to others who
also recognize they are a gift from heaven in these bodies allow
this glowing heart of love to expand beyond the city until it's
covering the entire country blessing all that it touches around
the world until this giant glowing essence of enough spiritual
perfection is enveloping the entire earth entire planet.  Expand
even larger allow this essence to reconnect with the sun who is
absolutely enough.  It shines onto everyone every day blessing all
parts of the earth as it turns..  The sun is absolutely enough.
We see that every day.  Allow your light to shine as brightly as
the sun, sharing your heart sharing your being knowing you are
enough.  Simply resting in this knowledge resting in this fact of
enoughness.  In a moment we'll begin to consolidate energy back
into our bodies recognizing now we're containing the entire sun
with our heart energy.  Begin to call your heart back into your
physical body, offering your blessing to the sun as you begin to
bring the heart toward your body.  Let your heart and the sun
shine on each other from afar, continuing to bring your energy
back into your physical body, wondering how it can possibly fit?
Recognizing the magnitude of who you really are.  Continue to call
in your energy until it's the size of the planet; keep breathing
and call your energy into your body.  Let your heart become the
size of the country, slowly breathing it in to be the size of the
city, and gently gently as if a feather coming down to rest, your
heart gently fully reconnects in your physical space as it
naturally emanates about a meter outside your body.  Just welcome
your heart back home, remembering what it felt like with your
heart as large as the sun connecting across the solar system,
Begin to reconnect with your mind.  Notice how the other messages
pale compared to the brightness and the beautiful intensity of
your heart, of your spiritual being.  All the should haves and
could haves and didn't do's become meaningless.  and they all
become good enough.  Recognize the enoughness of each one and
bless it with your heart.  Recognizing the items on your to-do
list, which ones truly deserve your attention?  and which ones are
already good enough?  Allowing your heart to decide, your heart to
know and share that information with you on the moment-to-moment
basis as you move forward so you know clearly how a being with the
heart the size of the solar system is already here already enough,
and simply engages just as needed spontaneously as conditions
arise remaining at peace remaining in stillness responding with
love and grace as needed and no more.  until the entire life
becomes like a play playing in joy as each and every event comes
onto the screen and goes off the screen living in joy no matter
what is on the screen recognizing that everything is perfect and
we simply respond as needed in the moment the heart knows the way
rests in the heart allowing it to guide the way in a moment we'll
begin to reconnect with our shared space and in doing so remain
connected with the heart space.  Recognizing your heart energy
balanced, glowing, emanating from your body: always there always
available.  Always reminding you you are enough.  Breathing into
the blessings coming from your heart, just let them be a constant
reminder of your enoughness.  As you're ready begin to open your
eyes back into our shared space,

Feel free to take a moment to jot down anything you noticed.

It was beautiful allowing it to come through in real time.

I look forward to listening to this recording next year and be
like hey wow you know noticing the expansion that will have taken
place by then.. "This staircase is a lot smaller than I remember

So yeah, recognizing what you just said, this state of your
expansion now *is* enough.  We are living in a 3D reality that
includes a time component on the side or mixed within somehow.  So
living in the 4D is part of the program.  So we're experiencing
linear time as part of life part of the existence and While
consciousness is free to move

through time and through space, day-to-day living is in this time
and this space.  Just allowing that to be enough, allowing the
universe to open before you, as you move.  So yeah that's the
blessing for today; the memory I want to leave with allowing this
moment to be enough and bless yourself on the journey.  I bless
you on your journey and look forward to continuing the journey as
we go.  Yeah absolutely thank you.

(The above transcript was extracted from our live interactive Weekly Alignment on Thursday night.)

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