09 Jan 2021, 16:48

Meditation the perfect chair

take a moment to get yourself settled and feeling your feet flat on the floor and your body comfortably seated in your chair

just notice your breathing as it comes naturally and imagine you’re standing at a  doorway that goes into a building

and when you open the door  you see a staircase going down and as you look inside you  notice the air feels warm and has a nice fragrance

it smells very inviting and feels very calming

so you begin to walk into  the staircase stepping down each step

noticing the smooth curvature  of the wall of the staircase feeling the firm, clear, flat steps gently leading you down deeper and  deeper into a calm beautiful space

and as you move down, step by step you notice a deeper feeling of peace  coming into your body with each step

continuing to move down the stairs one by one you notice the light becoming dimmer and yet still clear enough  you can see you are safe

until it’s a nice smooth ambient light, you’re not sure where it’s coming from.

Continuing to move down the stairs one by one you notice your breathing has become clear and smooth and soft as you feel  completely comfortable in this space

after a while you notice a little bit more  light coming down from below

and as you continue curving slowly down the steps you see the  last step before it opens into a room and step down the last five, four,  third, second and the final step

step into this room where the light is lighter and yet diffuse  so you cannot see where it’s coming from looking around the room you  see it’s completely secure completely safe

and you see a very comfortable chair it looks like a beautiful ornate antique chair that’s been refurbished and made  beautiful and waiting just for you

you love the colors; love the pattern and you decide to have a seat in what could only be your chair  that’s just perfect for you

you go up to the chair feel the surface feel smooth and comfortable soft and firm just what you’d want in a chair

so you take a minute to look at the  chair and just admire its ornate beauty the fine craftsmanship that went into making this chair

once you’ve admired the  chair walking all the way around it   feeling all of its surfaces

let  yourself settle down into the chair feeling how it completely and  perfectly supports you your body

perfectly custom fit for you

the arms are at the exact right height

the seat is at the perfect height and softness

the back of the chair perfectly  supports your back and your spine and the head rest is amazing

just allows you to sink back fully supported fully comforted by this perfect  head rest on this perfect chair

you just enjoy sitting in this  perfect chair designed for you

feel yourself perfectly supported and perfectly  safe enjoying this beautiful room beautiful light wonderful fragrance with a deep quiet stillness

allow yourself to relax in  this chair as long as you like

recognizing you feel more and more refreshed more and more supported and more and more calm simply being in this space in this chair

once you feel completely refreshed completely supported completely calm

you recognize it’s time to begin moving again so you begin to stand up

you feel yourself easily able to stand up from this perfect chair you turn around thank the chair for its safety, support, and comfort

and you notice very small circle on  the side of the wall opposite the chair

walking over to it you recognize it’s a button and feeling safe and calm and  secure you press the button and the wall opens up and you  recognize it’s an elevator

you step inside the elevator and it indicates  you’re on the ground floor the very bottom and there’s one button to  go back up to the surface

So you press that button and the doors close gently and you’re smoothly quickly brought all the way back up to the surface noticing the light getting brighter and beautiful sunlight

As you step outside to enjoy the rest of your day feeling refreshed feeling supported feeling calm happy that you found your perfect chair that you can go back to anytime.

You begin to enjoy the rest of your day