06 Jan 2021, 08:08

Introducing /events on robnugen.com

Thanks to my friend Hide for not being on Facebook when I wanted to invite him to my walking event. That was the proverbial push that got me to create an /events listing.

For about a month it has not been linked from my top page because the events publish dates were shown, in stark contrast to the event date. Here is an example of that. Notice how the publish date at the top of the event differs from the event date within the event.

https://5fe490b67b688d0008f7c403--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of date conflicts)

I added the event dates to each event entry and showed the event dates instead of the publish dates. Here might be a version of the site in that state. Notice how the Walking Meditation is happening after Your Art Matters, but it shows up first.

https://5feff4c06fac18000796a157--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of events out of order)

And then I got the indexing to work the way I want for now. Upcoming events are shown at top, starting with the one coming first, then Past events are shown in summary below that, starting with the most recent.

https://5ff566470ba77500076609e2--www-robnugen-com.netlify.app/events/ (screenshot of Upcoming events) (screenshot of Past events)

I got Hugo to show future events like this