02 Oct 2020, 06:50

listen to the quiet inner voice

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had followed your intuition?

Last night I was up too late trying to “get things done”, many of which seemed important at the time.

As I headed to bed, I had a little tug in my mind to get my daily planner that I hadn’t filled in for a day or so.

“I’m too tired.. I’ll do it tomorrow,” I replied to that quiet voice to quiet it down even further.

I fell into bed and slept like a log. This morning, I woke up bleary-eyed at 6:10 and then suddenly “Ahh today is Friday! I have a call in 20 minutes! Ahhhh! I have to do my morning livestream now!”

All of this morning’s panic could have been smooth sailing had I listened to that little voice last night. Spend some quiet moments to mindfully plan your day. Prepare yourself for success!