09 May 2020, 22:23

federally approved personal protective equipment (PPE) available in bulk

Do you know any hospitals, governments, prison systems, companies, or organizations, (especially LGBT) that need millions of federally approved PPE (personal protective equipment)?

I understand there’s a shortage in PPE and other medical devices right now.

My dear friend Christine has refurbished her factories to manufacture all PPE, including facemasks (N95, Exportable KN95, 3 ply), gloves, coveralls and more.

They have a 30 year history with the factories and have got them switched over to PPE production since COVID shut everything down.

They started with only donating to prisons after they saw an article about how prison inmates were passing away while their families were not allowed to hold proper funerals for them. Their website still only talks about donations to incarcerated people, but they are updating their website now that more funds have come in, to include hospitals, schools, and other organizations on their donations lists.

They are an FDA registered distributor of medical devices, and also offer their own brand products.

They have secured all the necessary requirements to ship them around the world, US being top choice.

Check out their website here: https://bishopandbishop.net/

You can email my friend the owner, Christine directly at christine@ the same domain bishopandbishop.net.

Or call the company at 1 888 548-2238